No Jokes about Palin, No digs on McCain …

September 11, 2008

I woke up this morning
All ready to write
About lipstick on pigs
But it just seemed too trite.

You’ll read no jokes about Palin
No digs on McCain
And nothing about
My election disdain.

My thoughts have gone elsewhere
My fight has gone missing.
I don’t have the heart
For my rhythmical dissing.

Let’s put aside our differences
And focus on that day
When our nation was turned upside down
And nothing seemed okay.

I was living in Hawaii then
Our time zone – a six hour delay.
It was 4:30 AM when I first heard the news
The Twin Towers had toppled away.

The Pentagon had already been hit
The 4th plane still unacccounted for
With all the tragedy that had taken place
How could there still be more?

For just today can we call a truce
Between the red states and the blue?
Can we blend them both together
and make a purple hue?

And quietly raise our eyes toward Heaven
Each of us – – in our own way
Remembering September 11
On this sad anniversary day.