Mccain: Quick! Delete my Sexy Sarah Palin Legs Photo!!

October 10, 2008

Recent Reuters and AP Photos

Recent Reuters and AP Photos

Recently deleted photo from Sarah Palin Gallery on

Recently deleted photo from Sarah Palin Gallery on

The other day I wrote a post
About McCain’s website leg photo of Palin.

The AP and Reuters just ran similar ones.
Now, some of her fans are wailin’!

I have to say, I do agree
The leg shot seems indiscreet.
But had a similar one,
But it’s gone now! He hit “Delete”!

Where did that picture of Sarah go?
Who made that decision and why?
Were they hoping that nobody noticed
Or that folks would turn a blind-eye?

Well, I noticed and I wrote my post
Wondering why that photo was there.
After the Reuters/AP controversy,
It disappeared into thin air…

I suppose it’s better late than never,
But we had better not hear any outburst
About the photos from Reuters and AP
When ran it first.

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McCain Ad Proclaims: Palin Wins Debate!

September 30, 2008

palin wins debate ad

The Biden / Palin debate is two days away
But it’s never too soon to spin…
Let’s go ahead and run an ad
Proclaiming Palin’s win.

Why should I wait ’til post-debate
When I can proclaim it bright and early
That my VP-pick so slick outshined
That Biden oh-so-surly?

The reason I’m so confident
Is because our strategy is strong.
Sarah, stick to all your talking points
And nothing will go wrong!

Forget about your Russian neighbors.
Don’t tell your pitbull joke.
Please don’t mention Pakistan.
If your mind goes blank, don’t choke!

If the questions start to fly
On the topic of defense
Show confidence! You know your guns!
Just use your common sense.

Show the world that you are Ready!
Say again “I will not blink”.
If you stumble, shrug your shoulders
And just give a little wink.

Don’t listen to the people
Who say that you should quit.
You are everything that I am not —
You’re young! Female! And fit!

I’ll stand by you
Through thick and thin!
Into November
When we win!

Together we will build our House
At 1600 Pennsylvania.

The nation will be overwhelmed
By McCain and Palin mania!

We’ll put our Training Plan in place.
You’ll gain some expertise
In all things diplomatic,
Foreign Policy will be a breeze!

In the few short days I’ve known you,
You have earned my trust.
If fate makes you the President,
I’m sure you will adjust.

Though I worry not about my health
Should it go from bad to worse,
My legacy will always be
I put my Country First!

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McCain – Gosh that Sarah Palin has sexy legs !

September 25, 2008
Photo of Sarah Palin and her legs and her sexy shoes

Photo from the Governor Palin Photo Album on the Official Campaign Website of John McCain..

I woke up this morning with a thought:
Gee, have I been unfair?
I keep writing all these negative posts
Such as “My Sarah Palin Nightmare“.

It seems so desperately obvious to me
That Palin was a poor choice
For McCain to pick just any-old-gal
To give his campaign a “Woman’s Voice”.

Yet as weeks go by I’m still amazed
That plenty of people seem not to mind.
So off I went to
To see what I could find.

What I really wanted to know was:
What is Sarah about?
So that’s where I began my journey
I hoped I could relieve my doubt.

On the main website page
I clicked on “About”
Then I clicked on the “Photo Gallery”
And then I spaced out.

In there for all to see and love
In the Governor Palin Album
Was the photo that I show above –
Why, it made this old gal feel numb.

With all of the issues
We women face today
Why would McCain choose
Sarah’s shoes to display?

Could it be that McCain is just a “dirty old man” ?
Who thinks he can get votes any way that he can?
The stilettos are great, but please don’t stop there!
What we really want to see is her fur-lined underwear!

I need to know this:
What is in McCain’s head?
That he chose this photo
For his campaign’s op-ed?

If Obama had picked Hillary
As his VP this election
Would he use this type of photo
To represent his selection?

McCain, you’re so quick to cry “sexist”
You can’t have it both ways!
Is she just some sexy chick
To solve your campaign’s malaise?

If not, then get rid of that picture!!!!
And allow us to care
About serious issues
And not her shoes, glasses, and hair!

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No Jokes about Palin, No digs on McCain …

September 11, 2008

I woke up this morning
All ready to write
About lipstick on pigs
But it just seemed too trite.

You’ll read no jokes about Palin
No digs on McCain
And nothing about
My election disdain.

My thoughts have gone elsewhere
My fight has gone missing.
I don’t have the heart
For my rhythmical dissing.

Let’s put aside our differences
And focus on that day
When our nation was turned upside down
And nothing seemed okay.

I was living in Hawaii then
Our time zone – a six hour delay.
It was 4:30 AM when I first heard the news
The Twin Towers had toppled away.

The Pentagon had already been hit
The 4th plane still unacccounted for
With all the tragedy that had taken place
How could there still be more?

For just today can we call a truce
Between the red states and the blue?
Can we blend them both together
and make a purple hue?

And quietly raise our eyes toward Heaven
Each of us – – in our own way
Remembering September 11
On this sad anniversary day.

Beware – Do You Dare Read My Palin Nightmare ?!!

September 9, 2008
Inauguration of President Sarah Palin - takes the oath of office

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

I dreamt She became the President.
I know that sounds extreme.
I am haunted by this nightmare:
McCain died in my dream…

Our country was in a state of shock.
Nobody could believe it.
And what misfortune the future held
Nobody could conceive it.

She took the Oath of Office
On that cold and windy day.
With her hand perched on the Bible
Our country slowly slipped away.

The first thing that she did that morning
When she came in from the cold
Was to call the Cabinet together
“It’s time for action.┬áLet’s be BOLD!”

“Just go ahead and do your thing.
I need a minute to go pray.
As President of the country now
I need God’s Plan today.”

Down in the Situation Room
There was talk of terror, talk of doom.
A hostage crisis was unfolding.
It was an urgent meeting they were holding.

When President Palin waltzed into the Room
The military brass jumped at attention.
All worried about her leadership now
Among them, no dissention.

“Our embassy was stormed today
The terrorists now rule it
They have guns and bombs and poison gas
All within their evil tool kit.”

“Options 1 thru 4 are diplomatic
And unlikely to succeed.
Options 5 thru 9 use tactical force.
Tell us how we should proceed”

“No time to think. I will not blink.
I’m fully in command.
Just do something doggone it!
And use a heavy hand.”

“There are three world leaders who need to talk”
Five minutes later she was told.
She shrugged her shoulders and proclaimed,
“Not now, put them on hold”.

The Dow just dropped a thousand points!
World stock markets are crashing!
The United States cannot withstand
This economic thrashing!

All color drained from her face so strained.
Her voice cracked, but then went mute.
Her eyes went wide like the moose that died
That day she went out on that shoot.

Reporters packed the Briefing Room
Anxious questions filled the air.
They were waiting on the President
She had to be somewhere…

“Make them leave! Get rid of them!
President Palin said with great ire
I’ll do what I’ll do and I won’t go through
their baptism by fire ”

“But Madam, the country is in despair!
You must talk to them through the Press.” – he cried
“No reporters allowed here in my House
While I’m under such duress”. – she replied

Back in the hallowed halls of Congress
There were some who made a speech
At the end of Her First Day in Office
On their duty to impeach.

And then I woke up in a sweat.
The nightmare churning in my head
I should never have watched that video
Before heading off to bed.

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What Could Be More Dull I Ask, Than Watching John McCain?

September 5, 2008

I listened to his speech last night –
50 minutes down the drain.
What could be more dull I ask
Than watching John McCain ?

I must confess to you right now,
I was hoping for a gaffe.
An amusing little anecdote
to make my readers laugh.

No, there’s nothing really funny
To say about McCain
To use a well-worn phrase here:
He’s more of just the same.

So how do you make people
feel like they’re impassioned
When you’re stuck with a candidate
who’s just so old-fashioned?

The only time his eyes lit up
Was when he talked about his Sarah.
The one sharp edge to his dull campaign –
She’s his midlife Porsche Carrera!

He’s lucky at the age of 72
To show off his mom with pride.
Some consolation regarding his VP Pick:
Longevity is on his side !

There was lots of time spent reminiscing.
But the present day was oddly missing.

No concrete plans were revealed tonight
Only “Change Change Change Change Change”!
But it sounded like the same policies
Just slightly rearranged

He ended the night screaming “Fight with me!”
To thunderous cheers so hearty.
Are we finally beginning the end of the reign
Of the (not so) Grand Old Party?

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