Guess What’s Ailin’ That Bailin’ Palin?

July 6, 2009

The Governor is stepping down.
She will not tell us why.
So it’s up to me to try and guess.
I’ll give it my best try!

Could it be the long commute
from far away Wasilla?
Long hours on those icy roads –
that ride can really kill ya!

Or was it David Letterman?
That man was really mean!
He made a joke about her daughter
who was just fourteen.

He really meant to make a joke
about the “other one” – –
Bristol, who is eighteen
with the out-of-wedlock son.

Was the job too tough for her?
Or was she being picky?
With all that extra oil money,
Alaska can be tricky!

Had she become addicted
to the National Attention?
Unable to conceive that she’d
receive barely a mention?

Whatever’s going on with her
Whatever is the reason,
Let’s just hope we will not see her
next election season!