McCain – Gosh that Sarah Palin has sexy legs !

Photo of Sarah Palin and her legs and her sexy shoes

Photo from the Governor Palin Photo Album on the Official Campaign Website of John McCain..

I woke up this morning with a thought:
Gee, have I been unfair?
I keep writing all these negative posts
Such as “My Sarah Palin Nightmare“.

It seems so desperately obvious to me
That Palin was a poor choice
For McCain to pick just any-old-gal
To give his campaign a “Woman’s Voice”.

Yet as weeks go by I’m still amazed
That plenty of people seem not to mind.
So off I went to
To see what I could find.

What I really wanted to know was:
What is Sarah about?
So that’s where I began my journey
I hoped I could relieve my doubt.

On the main website page
I clicked on “About”
Then I clicked on the “Photo Gallery”
And then I spaced out.

In there for all to see and love
In the Governor Palin Album
Was the photo that I show above –
Why, it made this old gal feel numb.

With all of the issues
We women face today
Why would McCain choose
Sarah’s shoes to display?

Could it be that McCain is just a “dirty old man” ?
Who thinks he can get votes any way that he can?
The stilettos are great, but please don’t stop there!
What we really want to see is her fur-lined underwear!

I need to know this:
What is in McCain’s head?
That he chose this photo
For his campaign’s op-ed?

If Obama had picked Hillary
As his VP this election
Would he use this type of photo
To represent his selection?

McCain, you’re so quick to cry “sexist”
You can’t have it both ways!
Is she just some sexy chick
To solve your campaign’s malaise?

If not, then get rid of that picture!!!!
And allow us to care
About serious issues
And not her shoes, glasses, and hair!

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