The Power of Palin: What a Horrible Sight!

The Power of Palin

Newsweek: The Power of Palin

The Newsweek cover reads “What Women Want”
It’s in cursive in lipstick so red.
I flip through the pages to find “What I Want”
But I find something scary instead.

I see photos of women with smiles so broad
Holding signs – “Lipstick Wearers Unite!”
On “The Power of Palin” page to my despair
There are charts! What a horrible sight!

The Election Chart now: A dead heat – No surprise
But wait, what’s this one over here?
If you vote only for VP, whom would you choose?
What?? Palin beats Biden! Oh dear!!!

AndĀ another stat that has got me to thinking
Our country is drifting away.
With Palin as VP – “Strongly Support” has gone up
Another 32 points by today !

But nothing, oh nothing, beats this one oh gosh
“Is she qualified to be President if needed?”
An unconceivable 45 percent
Said “Yes” – all logic unheeded!

Just who are these people, I need to find out
Who blindly endorse without care
This wilderness woman with hardly a record
Whom McCain plucked down from thin air.

I looked up for a moment and saw my son watching
With a peculiar look on his face.
He wanted to know why I seemed so upset –
I told him all about the electoral race.

I explained all the charts to my 10-year old son
His eyes wandered, then turned to a stare.
He looked at me with his bright blue eyes
And asked, “Mom, how come people don’t care?”


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