Sarah Palin: Whew! It’s hard to beat my Schoolin’ !

The Palin College Collage

The Palin College Collage

I’ve been questioned about my background
And my political expertise.
My educational experience
Should put you all at ease.

I started out at UH-Hilo
in 1982.
Left after a few weeks out there – –
The rain just spoiled the view.

Made my way to Honolulu
To Hawaii Pacific College
Assured of my good judgment
In my pursuit of greater knowledge.

I finished that semester
In the Fall of ’82
Then decided that Hawaii
Had advantages too few.

I headed East to Idaho
For two semesters where
At the North Idaho College
I was a “General Studies” major there.

Then I moved to U of Idaho
In the Fall of ’84.
Stayed only two semesters
I was ready to move some more!

I studied up in Alaska
In the Fall of ’85
Then went back down to Idaho
Such a beautiful long drive!

Whew! In ’87 I graduated from Idaho
With a Journalism degree.
Now I’m ready to be Vice-President
In the “Land of the Free” !!

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2 Responses to Sarah Palin: Whew! It’s hard to beat my Schoolin’ !

  1. flyingtoolow says:

    just because she went to 5 schools
    doesn’t disqualify her to rule.
    but you gotta wonder
    will she blunder
    if elected by a bunch of fools?

  2. Too Little, Too Late says:

    She didn’t go to Harvard?
    She didn’t go to Yale?
    No law school education?
    Perhaps she thought she’d fail!

    Was she a home ec major?
    Maybe made a moose souffle
    To serve up to her hubby,
    Hockey team, and PTA?

    Did she study in Hawaii
    Or just lay out on the beach?
    Was she planning for her future
    With her Coppertone in reach?

    It’s clear to me that John McCain
    Has got himself in much too deep.
    In aiming for the women’s vote
    He picked himself a slacker veep!!

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