What Could Be More Dull I Ask, Than Watching John McCain?

I listened to his speech last night –
50 minutes down the drain.
What could be more dull I ask
Than watching John McCain ?

I must confess to you right now,
I was hoping for a gaffe.
An amusing little anecdote
to make my readers laugh.

No, there’s nothing really funny
To say about McCain
To use a well-worn phrase here:
He’s more of just the same.

So how do you make people
feel like they’re impassioned
When you’re stuck with a candidate
who’s just so old-fashioned?

The only time his eyes lit up
Was when he talked about his Sarah.
The one sharp edge to his dull campaign –
She’s his midlife Porsche Carrera!

He’s lucky at the age of 72
To show off his mom with pride.
Some consolation regarding his VP Pick:
Longevity is on his side !

There was lots of time spent reminiscing.
But the present day was oddly missing.

No concrete plans were revealed tonight
Only “Change Change Change Change Change”!
But it sounded like the same policies
Just slightly rearranged

He ended the night screaming “Fight with me!”
To thunderous cheers so hearty.
Are we finally beginning the end of the reign
Of the (not so) Grand Old Party?

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