The Sarah Palin Convention Speech – Oh What a Night!

Sarah Palin convention speech

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

Those Republicans
Were thrilled last night!
Their smiles so wide
Their teeth so white!

When their VP pick
Walked on the stage,
She was ready for battle!
She was fully engaged!

There’s usually a film
Before the “Big Talk”
But for some reason,
Tonight they balked.

Now what was the reason
I began to wonder.
Was it lack of substance?
Or just a blunder?

Well Never-the-less
It doesn’t matter.
It was time for the speech,
But there was so much chatter!

People were cheering!
People were shouting!
Enthusiastically chanting
for their Palin outing.

“Thank You. Thank You”
“Thank You. Thank You”
“Thank You. Whew!”
“Are You through?”

She proclaimed: “I’m not a member
of the Washington Elite”
As the Republicans
Jumped up from their seats!

And then she ridiculed
that “Community Organizer
Having been a mayor,
She was so much wiser!

We met her children!
Her snowmobiling spouse!
Her Parents! Her future son-in-law!
It was quite the full house !

Hail to Sarah!
Our Conservative Wonder!
Deliver us from evil
And Democratic Blunder!

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One Response to The Sarah Palin Convention Speech – Oh What a Night!

  1. gobigmac says:

    Palin’s speech was first rate.
    McCain picked a great running mate.
    To be elected is in their fate.

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