My Wailin’ About Palin: Did He Vet Her? He Had Better!

What is more important
Than the person that you pick
To take over as the President
Should your own heart fail to tick?

You are choosing for a nation
Full of people with no choice
Who should be the next Vice President?
We the People have no voice!

Whom you choose reveals your inner thoughts,
Your fears, your hopes, your goals.
Whom you choose should come from serious thought
Not a reflection of the polls.

When Obama picked Joe Biden
Did the pollsters start to call
On all Hillary supporters;
“Did Obama drop the ball?”

Did the pollsters say that Hillary’s votes
Were based upon her gender?
That it didn’t matter who you picked
So long she’s handy with a blender?

Did McCain believe that Hillary’s votes
Were based only on her sex?
Can you give us some more credit
For being more complex?

A governor for two years
With five kids up in Alaska?
OK what was he thinking?
I really have to ask ya.

What does this say about McCain?
That his judgement’s not that good?
Did he vet her? He had better!
Did he pick the best he could?

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