Just Because He Picked Joe Biden, Hillary Fans Don’t Go Into Hiding!

I’m here to tell you about a change of heart
I was a Hillary fan from the start.
Yes, a Hillary fan true and steady
With my 100 dollar contribution all ready

I stood in line two hours at the caucus
The crowd outside; it made quite a raucous.
I took my pencil and I made my mark
By Hillary’s name that night at the park.

But as time went by and her chances went slim
I started thinking more about him.
Just who is this guy who grew up in Hawaii
If he were the president, what would that buy me ?

If she couldn’t be the president, I’d settle for vice
And if he didn’t pick her, he’d pay the price.
But as time went by and I saw the poll
It was clear she wasn’t going to get that role.

As a woman for Hillary, what do I do
Do I stand my ground, do I say I’m through?
Some will vote for Obama
Some will vote for McCain
While others of us will just abstain.

Not vote this year ? My God, my dear
What would Susan B. Anthony do if she were here?
A lack of action is not a plan
A lack of voting will elect the wrong man.

Just because he picked Joe Biden
Hillary Fans don’t go into hiding !

If you check out now, this is serious
What happens next ain’t that mysterious.
Do you really want McCain as the President ?
Another Bush as a White House resident ?

You must decide!

Do you need a push?

Remember when a vote for Nader

Was a vote for Bush?


When people say that Obama ain’t American
It’s time for us to start to care again.
This patriotic question is just hocus pocus
It’s important that we don’t lose our focus.

What matters to me
What matters to all
Are the policies promoted
In the debates this Fall.

And just because he picked Joe Biden
Hillary Fans don’t go into hiding !

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